Jen and Colin: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted! (x)(x)


Hadn’t seen this one yet :)

"Thank You"

*Colin O’Donoghue (& Georgina) having fun on the set of OUAT

Colin O’Donoghue on set (12/08/14) *

No but really



As we all know, Colin:

  • won the genetic lottery; as I have yet to find a picture of him where he looks even remotely bad, even when he’s doing the great drunk BROTP fabupocalypse with Lee and destroying flaunting the evidence
  • because lbr, the man is unearthly. fucking. gorgeous
  • and it is not fair
  • and his face OH GOD his face
  • with the eyebrows
  • and the tongue
  • and his general failure at being smooth in any way shape or form when somebody suggests that he might just get to kiss himself a pretty blonde before the end of the season and oh yeah he “might be” serious about pursuing Emma and JFC COLIN COULD YOU HAVE MADE IT ANY MORE OBVIOUS, HOW ABOUT FLYING A PLANE WITH A BANNER OVER THE CONVENTION CENTER GOING “CAPTAIN SWAN IS CANON NAH NAH SUCK IT HATERS?”
  • hence, he sees nothing wrong with his character banging his ex-girlfriend’s estranged son’s baby mama, who is at least three hundred years younger than he is
  • and Mr. “Oh I’m a serious actor my only ship is the Jolly Roger” has hence been converted into a hardcore Captain Swan shipper
  • because Colin is cool like that
  • but off screen he’s been with his high school sweetheart since they were 18 and she laughs about him causing hysterias on the internet and understands the whole thing and it’s adorable and Helen you know you’re the luckiest damn planet on the woman okay? OKAY.
  • he has an awesome band AND SINGS AND PLAYS LIKE FOUR DIFFERENT INSTRUMENTS and the Enemies are such hardcore Captain Swan shippers they should run the fanclub, and did I mention COLIN SINGS and how do you talent it is not fair
  • on that note he is also an amazing actor
  • EYETONGUE (yikes)
  • he is also a sweet and shy and adorable clueless Irish puppy with pointy ears
  • "Everybody loves an Irish boy" with Guinness, mammy, and daddy (NOPE COLIN, PERMISSION TO EXIST REVOKED)
  • He likes to BOOM (our ovaries)
  • He loves his Hookers (um… not like that)
  • if you do not think Colin O’Donoghue is perfect you are wrong
  • your move, members of the human race with a Y chromosome

All of this.

Where do I get a Colin?

requested by: faramihr